Photographs at 2001 SETA, Bergen, Norway

Three Generations at SETA01 -  Solomon W. Golomb, Hong-Yeop Song, Jeong-Heon Kim

USC PEOPLE at SETA01 -- at Conference Dinner, Guang Gong, KyeongCheol Yang, Hong-Yeop Song, Solomon W. Golomb, Robert Scholtz, Loyd Welch, Vijay Kummar, Jong-Seon No,  and Habong Chung (from left to right)

Yang, Klapper, Kumar, Patterson, Song - at the Conference Dinner

Klapper, Kumar, Kim, Yang, Song - at the Conference Dinner

Hong-Yeop Song, Gaung Gong, Solomon W. Golomb,  Tohru Kohda and his wife - At the Lobby of the Rainbow Hotel

Hong-Yeop Song and Andrew Klapper  -  at Conference Dinner

Hong-Yeop Song and Habong Chung -- Coffee Break

At the Dinner Table  -  JH Kim, A Pott, H Dobbertin, T Helleseth, JS No, H Chung, V. Kummar (from left to right)

Hong-Yeop Song and Alexander Pott  -  At Breakfast Table

Mathew G. Parker, Gary McGuire, Hong-Yeop Song - Coffee Break

Habong Chung and Hong-Yeop Song - at Myrdal

at the Park

ȫ  (Hong-Yeop Song and Jeong-Heon Kim)

At the top of mountain Flon before dinner

At Flam

when train stops (to Myrdal)

At the station (Myrdal)

with other passangers on the train from Myrdal to Bergen

with a nice lady on the train from Bergen to Voss

at Flam

Bryggen Street

beautiful scenery (from the train)

beautiful scenery (from the train)

parade with funny dress

beautiful scenery

Click here for a panoramic view of a park at Bergen