Final Abstract Submission

Instructions and example files  for preparing the final abstract can be found at the home page of SETA04.

The (at most 5-page) final abstract should be sent by email both as .tex and .ps file to
          Kyeongcheol Yang ( )
September 10, 2004
with a copy to Tor Helleseth ( ).

In order for your final abstract to be printed in the pre-proceedings you need to ensure that:

  - Final abstract should be prepared according to instructions,
  - One of the authors should register for SETA04 by
September 10.


Invitation for Full Paper Submission

The authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit the full paper (of at most 16 pages) of their contribution to SETA04. The full paper will be reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the Springer, Lecture Notes of Computer Science (LNCS) series. The deadline for this paper will be November 10, 2004. Instructions and example files for preparing the full paper can also be found at the home page of SETA04. Some important dates are