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Places to Visit around Seoul

  Kyongbok Palace

Kyongbok Palace was built in 1394 as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It is the most comprehensive and beautiful one among the five palaces for the Joseon Dynasty. There are elegant pavilions such as Gyeonghoeru, Hyangwonjeong and other refined wooden and stone structures such as Geunjeongjeon Hall.
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  Aquarium and Han River
The COEX Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Korea!
You'll be fascinated by the 500 species of fish and 40,000 underwater creatures represented here. You will experience thrill and excitement as you pass through the 72m-long under-sea tunnel. The Han River runs through the heart of the Korean peninsula. On its way through Seoul, bisecting the capital, it passes by many scenic attractions along its banks.


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One of the last places some people might expect as a popular tourist attraction,
this small village straddles the line separating North and South Korea.
When you join the Panmunjum tour,  you will always be under military escort.
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  MinsokChon (The Korean Folk Village)
The Korean Folk Village is the home of true Korean heritage where many features of the Korean culture have been collected and preserved for future generations to see and learn. It is set in a natural environment occupying approximately 243 acres, and visitors can experience the authentic atmosphere with over 260 traditional houses reminiscent of the late Joseon Dynasty including various household goods from different regions.

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  Seoul World Cup Stadium
  Seoul World Cup Stadium held the opening ceremony of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan. The stadium shields kite and sailboat-shaped with traditional Korean beauty that is designed to express the hope for peace of the Korean people.
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  Seoul Tower
Seoul Tower stands tall on the thick pine tree covered summit
of Mount Namsan. It is an integrated telecommunications tower 
that displays traditional Korean beauty.
From is highest point, the tower commands a view of the Seoul
Metropolitan City which has had 600 years history. It is a fantastic
tourist attraction. Spectacular night scenes of Seoul
from here will always be memorable.


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  Lotte World

Lotte World is the world's largest indoor theme park. You can enjoy many thrilling rides along with a variety of performances and events regardless of the weather outside. After Lotte World Theme Park, we will visit Lotte Folk Museum, which provides a vivid experience of Korean history and culture with the help of a variety of interesting and different attractions.
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  Everland is a world-class theme park. In 1996, Everland achieved a record for annual guests; over 9 million people! Everland ranked seventh on the list of worldwide theme park destinations. Festival World is equipped with more than 40 theme attractions and a zoo offering various Flower Festivals and Seasonal Events.

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  Seoul City Tour Bus

The 35-seat luxury bus ensures passengers a comfortable ride by employing wide leg room and reclining seats. Expert tour guides who can speak Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese accompany the tour. All the bus drivers are veterans with more than 15 years of driving experience. A tour begins every 30 minutes at the bus terminal. Tourists with a day ticket can hop on and off for an unlimited time from any bus at any of the designated tour-bus stops.
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