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PICTURES in 2017

April: 27th JCCI, Busan, Korea


Feb: Information Theory and Applications, UCSD, San diego


Feb: Qualcomm, San diego, with old friend Tao Chen


PICTURES in 2016


IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory at Barcellona, Spain, July 2016





Jan. 2016: Lunch with Prof. Golomb and Dr. Taylor at USC Campus            and with Dr. Vijay Kumar and Dr. Taylor





Feb: Information Theory and Applications, UCSD, San diego







PICTURES in 2015


Oct: IEEE Information Theory Workshop, Jeju, Korea







Sept: IWSDA in Bangalruru, India, in celebration of Prof. Vijay Kumar's 60th birthday






Feb: Information Theory and Application, San Diego



Jan: KICS-NA IT Workshop (한국통신학회 미주지부 학술대회) reception - San Diego



PICTURES in 2014



Nov:  IEEE Information Theory Workshop, Tasmania, Australia



Oct: Fall MT with CB grads (통신방송전공 가을MT - 용문산)


Aug:  Lab MT - Mountain Hala


Aug:  Satellite Conference of Seoul ICM 2014, Ewha Waman's University



June: IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Hawaii



April:  MT with CB grads  (통신방송전공 북경 산업연수), Beijing, China



Feb: Information Theory and Applications, San Diego, California



Jan: KICS winter workshop - YoungPyung





PICTURES in 2013

2013 KICS-NPTU Workshop



2013 KICS Regular Plenary Meeting



Invited talk at the FAll Conference of Korean History of Mathematics




2013. 11. KICS OFFICE MEMBERS - Seoul Hanyang Fortress



 Pictures at IWSDA 2013, Tokyo, Japan








Pictures at APCC 2013, Bali.






 Pictures at ITA 2013, San Diego, California





KICS-North America Section Workshop at San Diego


PICTURES in 2012

 Pictures at ISIT 2012, Boston, MASS.


with Bruce Hajek                                                                                                 with Mow Win



with some Korean Participants and my daughter Raina                                                        with Jinsoo Park                                      


2012년 7월 보스톤 방문기념. 조정임/이규정선배.





 Pictures at Faculty Summit  2012 by Microsoft, Seattle, Washington


meeting with intern students from Korea

PICTURES in 2010-2011

 Pictures at IWSDA 2011 Kuilin, China








 Pictures at  IEEE MWSCAS 2011, Yonsei University, Korea


special contribution award                                                                            dinner with speical guests




 Pictures at  2010.11.1          60th year celebration of the department (Chair: Hong-Yeop Song)





PICTURES in 2009

 Pictures at IWSDA 2009 Fukuoka, Japan

with Invited Speaker Professor Tor Helleseth

with K.C. Yang (TPC Co-Chair of IWSDA 2012)



Pictures at APCC 2009 Shanghai, China

with Adnan Al-Abuky (General Chair of APCC 2010)

with my PHD student K.H. Park


Pictures at ISIT 2009 Seoul, Korea. General Secretary (Hong-Yeop Song) and General Co-Chair (Jong-Seon No)

with General Co-Chair Professor J.S. No


PICTURES in 2008

 Pictures in SETA 2008, Lexington KY

Campus of UK


with Gohar  Attendents of SETA08 - mailing address - click here


Pictures in IEEE ISIT 2008 (July 2008) TORONTO


Pictures in 2007

These are pictures at Helleseth Symposium at Bergen, Norway in Nov 2007. First is the Helleseth family, second is the Golomb family and Guang, and third is Guang Gong with Seon-Yeong Park.


This "picture" shown here was taken during IWSDA07 at Chengdu, China in Sept 2007. It is at the Banquet.

 Below are Ju-Young Kim, Young-Joon Kim, Yun-Pyu Hong and myself. The one further below is a Chinese student.

Golomb Fest 75 (June 1, 2007 at USC campus)

Can you find who is the Shannon Lecturer in this picture? I see five people...



Pictures in Trekking (2006 - 2007)





PICTURES in 2006 and Earlier


 Pictures in IEEE ISIT 2006 (July 2006) SEATTLE

with Professor G. Gong       with Professor T. Cover




This "picture" shown here was taken during 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Seattle, Washington with Habong Chung, DongJoon Shin and Jong-Seon No.


This is Andrew Klapper and Young-Joon Kim.

This "picture" shown here was taken during 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Chicago, Illinois, with three of my PhD students. They are SeokYong, YunPyo, and JoonSung.

This "picture" was taken on the way home from 2003 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Yokohama, Japan.  

My PhD student YuChang was with me there.

A group of undergrad students (under my supervision, class 02) gave this "poster" to me on the day of May 15th, 2004.

A picture with some of them is shown here.  

This "picture" was taken at Grindelwald, Switzerland, in summer 2002 right after the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory.  

This "picture" was taken inside a train from Interlaken to Geneva. It was raining outside, I remember.

This "picture" was taken during the conference with many other attendants who are my close friends (personally and technically) : K Patterson, JS No, DJ Shin, K Yang, H Chung, myself, Mrs Welch, P vijay Kumar, L Welch and S Bostas.  

Besides, my PhD student Minho was there with me.

These are pictures at AAECC 2001 in RMIT, Australia. Top picture shows the family of Kasami. Below is with Yun-Pyo Hong at Singapore while waiting for the transit airplane.


In Jan 2001, I went to an MT trip with a group of undergrad students (under my supervision, class 00) and a picture can be seen here.

In April 2001, there was a Sequence Conference at Bergen Norway. This is a picture of USC-related participants there. My PhD student JeongHeon Kim was with me.

Pictures with Undergrad Students (Dec 2005)

     year-end party


 My advisor Dr. Golomb has visited my class and gave very interesting and important one-hour lecture in Oct 2004.




  No pictures for these (under construction)




Pictures in the summer of 1980

July 1980, YCC MT  August 1980, Summit of Ji-Ri-San

fall of 1982

Sept 1982, Class MT 

Feb of 1984 (graduation day)

 Feb 1984, After Graduation with Classmates; HyunMin, JeongIm, SangGeun, Myself, and JongKyu


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