Channel Coding Lab of Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
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with the president of ETRI Korea, Dr. M. J. Kim

with the president of IEEE Communications Society, Prof. K. B. Letaief at HKUST, Hong Kong, China








This is the lecture in Youtube of my talk in the opening ceremony of Choi-Seok-Jeong Lecture Hall at KAIST






my presentation in memory of Professor Golomb







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Professor Hong-Yeop Song (Curriculum Vitae)

1995.9 - current: Professor, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

2002.3 - 2003.2: Visiting Professor, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (host: Prof. G. Gong)

1994.1 - 1995.8: Senior Engineer, Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, California

1992.1 - 1993.12: Post-Doc Research Associate, Communication Science Institute at USC

1986.9 - 1991.12: PHD at USC, Dept of EE-Systems (Advisor: Prof. Solomon W. Golomb)

1984.9 - 1986.5: MSEE at USC, Dept of EE-Systems

1980.3 - 1984.2: BS Eng. at Yonsei University, Dept of Electronics

Research in "Channel Coding, Sequences and Signal Designs"

What have been acheived

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IEEE Journals: 22
Non-IEEE Journals: 30

Book Editing: 4

Book Translation into Korean: 3

IEEE Conferences: 39

Non-IEEE Conferences: 47

Invited talks: 3

Domestic Journals: 52

Domestic Conferences: 125


Professional Service (selected)


Funded Research Projects

·        Engineering Development Projects (Selected)

·        Security of GNSS Signals(AGENCY FOR DEFENCE DEV, 2013-2018)

·        Error-Correcting Codesfor Military Networks (AGENCY FOR DEFENCE DEV, 2013-2018)

·        Low-Density Codes overBinary Erasure Channels (ETRI, 2008)

·        Efficiently Encoded LDPC Codes (SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS,2002-2007)

·        Analysis and Design ofChannel Codes for DVD (LG ELECTRONICS, 2001)

·        Design of Frequency-HoppingCodes (AGENCY FOR DEFENCE DEV, 2002-2004)

·        Waveform Design for FHCommunication (SAMSUNG THALES, 2003-2004)

·        Design of RS Codec forDVCR (SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, 1999-2000)

·        Pure Research Projects (Selected)

·        Key technology for 5G/IoT - channel coding (IITP, 2016-2019)

·        Reliable Storage codes for Cloud (NRF, 2013-2016)

·        Network Coding and related area (NRF, 2009-2011)

·        Design and Analysis of Boolean Functions for OptimalAlgebraic Immunity (KIISC, 2008)

·        Sequences for Communication and Cryptography (KOSEF,2003-2006)

·        Study on Poly-phase Power Residue Sequences (KRF,2003-2004)

·        Hamming Correlation of De Bruijn Sequences (KRF, 1999-2000)

·        Theory and Application of Binary-Mapped RS Codes (IITA,1998-2000)

·        Cyclic Hadamard Matrices and their Applications (KOSEF,1997-1999)

·        Binary Sequences with Ideal Autocorrelation (IITA,1997-1998)






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